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Our Care

From the day you become part of our family, we will support you from the moment you walk through our door. We will help you makeyour loved ones feel at home whether it is through personalising their rooms by hanging your family pictures on the wall to having their favourite blanket on their bed.

Dementia Care

When your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, fear of the unknown can set in. Some things may change and become more of a challenge and the fear of them not “knowing me” can be an emotional journey for all of the family. Abbey Healthcare has a choice of care homes that can provide 24/7 residential and nursing care including those living with dementia care and other specific conditions.

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Nursing Care

Sometimes we have to make that decision and understand that our loved ones need that extra care whether it is due to a long-term condition or rehabilitation need. Here at Abbey Healthcare our qualified compassionate nursing team are available 24/7, delivering high quality care, supported by local GP’s and other external Healthcare Professionals.

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Palliative Care

When your loved ones are nearing their journeys end, we understand how emotional this can be for all the family.
At Abbey Healthcare we are here to support you and your loved one through this sensitive time and with our compassionate support teams and highly trained nurses you can be assured that your loved ones are treated with the upmost dignity and wishes respected.

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Residential Care

At Abbey Healthcare we understand that it can be difficult to live independently when we become frailer and everyday tasks become harder to do than they once were. Our residential care enables your loved ones to continue to live an active independent life in a place their can call they home.

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Respite Care

At Abbey Healthcare we will always try to understand and admire your commitment of being a carer for either your loved one or a family member. The choices you have made to provide this care allows your loved one to remain at home surrounded by the people they love.

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Advice And Support

At Abbey Healthcare we understand not only the emotional stress of taking the first steps of considering care homes, but more importantly sourcing and obtaining the right information you need.

Through our experience gained and working in harmony with our families and friends we have been able to provide various organisational links that give you clear and defined information that you can trust, assisting you through the many boundaries of care, financial and legal needs you may be faced with.

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