Health & Nutrition

Recognising the importance of health and nutrition to the well-being of residents.

At Abbey Healthcare, we understand the profound impact that good nutrition has on overall well-being. Our commitment to providing exceptional care extends to the heart of our homes – the kitchen. We believe that the importance of food goes beyond sustenance; it is a fundamental element in enhancing the quality of life for our residents.

Welcome to Abbey Healthcare, where we prioritise the importance of mealtime as a cornerstone of our person-centered care. Recognising the significance of nutrition for both physical and mental well-being, our commitment to excellence extends to our award-winning catering services, acknowledged at both national and regional levels.

Choice and Personalisation

We understand that mealtimes are not only about nourishment but also about personal preferences. Residents at Abbey Healthcare enjoy the freedom to choose their seating arrangements, dine with companions, or opt for private dining in quiet areas. Our comprehensive meal information sheets capture individual likes, dislikes, allergies, and any specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and independent dining experience.

Nutrition and Culinary Expertise

Our culinary teams play a pivotal role in providing exceptional care. Every dish on our menu undergoes rigorous nutritional analysis, ensuring a balance of essential elements. Seasonal menu plans, sent out quarterly, come complete with recipes, aiding presentation skills, and promoting a vibrant, healthy dining experience for our residents.

Sensitive Dysphagia Support

Understanding the sensitivity of eating with dysphagia, we provide privacy options for those who need it. Our commitment to maintaining the full dining experience for residents with dysphagia is reflected in our IDDSI puree levels, visually appealing presentations, and a focus on the overall sensory experience.

Resident Feedback and Support

We welcome feedback from residents and their families, fostering a continuous improvement cycle. Our Group dining experience questionnaires empower residents and their relatives to share their voices, shaping our menus to meet diverse tastes and cultural preferences.

Ongoing Training and Compliance

Our culinary teams receive continuous support through training programs, workshops, and regular updates. From attending IDDSI workshops to maintaining top-tier hygiene and allergen control standards, our chefs are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to provide outstanding care.

Awards and Compliance

Abbey Healthcare is proud of its EHO 5* ratings, a testament to our rigorous cleaning, checks, and audit systems. Our commitment to compliance and culinary excellence is showcased in our Group Catering magazine, which highlights achievements, recipes, and charitable initiatives undertaken by our dedicated teams.

Sample Menu

Please click on the link below to view our current sample menu.