Huntingdon: Abbey Healthcare’s Primrose Hill Care Home walk

15 September 2023

Four staff from Abbey Healthcare’s Primrose Hill Care Home strode out in their walking boots on one of the hottest days of the year to raise money for two therapy dolls for their residents with dementia.

Complete with cribs, pushchairs, bottles, and nappies the baby boy and girl dolls are now being enjoyed by residents on the 16-bed dementia floor.

Danielle Keeble, dementia unit manager at the newly-refurbished home on Thames Road, said: “It’s well documented that sensory activities and therapeutic treatments like dolls can help people with dementia, especially if they’ve been parents in the past.

“The ‘caring’ role empowers them to find comfort in those memories of caring for a baby, so we wanted to raise money and buy our own pair.”

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