COVID 19 Update

30 August 2020

Dear Relatives and Friends

We are happy to announce that we have eased some of our lockdown restrictions in line with government guidance and our robust risk assessments, allowing family and friend members to visit their loved ones. However, these will still need to be limited and on an appointment basis only so we can manage them safely.

The availability of visits will depend on local regulations and guidance. If you are unsure or have any doubts please contact your Home Manager who will be able to update you and advise accordingly.

With regards to professional visits at this time they are still limited to essential visits only and therefore sadly we are still unable to provide hairdressing and general chiropody services at this time, we are keeping this under constant review.

To further improve the safety and wellbeing of all our residents and staff, investments within each home setting have been made by the introduction of thermal cameras which automatically detect if any persons have a temperature, new automatic sanitising units and disinfecting door mats to help prevent the virus being brought into our homes.

New visiting areas have also been in place with room improvements providing safety screens and in some homes outdoor visiting pods have been built, all ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones and to enable you to have the spend best the best quality with your love ones not matter what the weather conditions maybe.

We would like to reassure you that even though the country is slowly returning to a new normality, our residents’ and staff wellbeing are our priority.  Testing has been put in place for all staff and residents alike on a weekly and 28 day basis.

New admissions are being accepted in line with our policies and procedures and government guidance. A test must be taken prior to admission and only accepted upon a negative result, isolation will then be required for 14 days thereafter, ensuring the wellbeing and safety of all.

Thank you once again for all your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you back into our homes (or at least the gardens and visiting rooms!)

Mark Cloonan & Andy Taylor
Group Directors